Radiation – 2 weeks in

I had my 10. Radiation yesterday. 5 more to go.

It’s starting to effect my body. I’m not burnt yet, but I’m soooo tired. I have problems to follow conversations with more then two people. I forget things all the time. My waking hours are mostly spent looking for things or trying to remember what I was supposed to do. 

I still go for my morning walks and try to work out at the hospital or at the gym I’m using. The anti estrogen pills Letrozol are no joke. I have such joint and muscle pain I have problems sleeping now. And the night sweats…. only 1789 pills left though, I can do it 👍

Still, I’m doing really well. My body may be broken, but my spirit keeps marching on!

The weather is fantastic in Oslo now. I just have to keep the area around Victoria (my right boob) and up to my neck + the back side, out of the sun. No beachlife or bikinis yet. 

Jarle and I have been as social as I can manage. If I sleep for 2 hours in the afternoon, then I can meet people or go out to dinner. I so want to get out of the apartment and live!

Today we are going to stay at Grand Hotel and have a wonderful dinner to celebrate our first anniversary. 

This was one year ago:

In spite of all we are happier then ever and very much in love ❤️

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