Had my seventh Taxol a week ago. All went well. This time I shared chemo room with Wenche and we chatted the whole time. We even had the same chemo nurse, she’s the best. We are both happy not to have an VAP (venous access port) and are hoping that our veins will be strong enough for the rest of chemo treatments.  

 While we were waiting for the blood tests we met many of the other boob sisters and we had the best of times. We laughed so hard we were afraid they would kick us out. Now, that would have been a story to tell for the future generations: grandma got kicked out of cancerhospital because she was cracking too many jokes! 

But honestly, we tend to say that someday we will laugh at this, when shit hits the fan. I say, why wait? Let someday be TODAY. 

The chemo is starting to take it’s toll on my body and mind. I have to slow down even more and lie down several times a day. However, I am still able to take my morning walk, buy and prepare dinner, do all the laundry AND spend endless hours on Netflix (just finished Johan Falk, this is in swedish. Absolutely f….ing awesome)!

Highlights from Easter: got flowers from my colleagues, my son came to visit, we had a great dinner at St Lars restaurant to celebrate Jarles birthday and stayed at a hotel. My boss treated me to lunch and coffee yesterday. It was really good to talk about the future, make plans for me returning to work, and most of all to feel the support, they are all rooting for me (forgot to take pics). 

Mami and son   

Flowers from work

My easter egg. Our Easter chicken watching our armadillos .


The birthday boy (51 years)

Cheque out my dress (perfect for a cancer patient)


When the bill is presented like this you know you better give a big tip….

A room with a view (and my new blue nail polish)


All is well in my world ❤️


3 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Glad you had a wonderful Easter and are in good spirits! I love your attitude – “we tend to say that someday we will laugh at this when shit hits the fan. I say, why wait? Let someday be TODAY.”
    I agree!

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