Taxol – round 2 and 3

It is now 18 days since I started with the new chemo. So far I have been so lucky with hardly any side effects. Just increased hot flashes, less sleep and sometimes pain in my knees.

I have been doing my routines: first thing when I wake up I meditate and do my mental gratitude list. Then a brisk walk before breakfast, usually before 6 am, many small meals and lots and lots of water. 

It is funny how time actually passes quite fast doing hardly anything. I don’t understand how I had time to go to work?! Now when I have eaten breakfast, spent some time on social media, been grocery shopping,  cooked dinner, finished all my meals,  watched some tv, the day is done. 

Things besides the routines the last 3 weeks: 

  • My hair has started to grow 💃👍
  • My brother came to visit. He has longer hair then me…. for now! 
  • My husband came with me for my second Taxol. It was really nice. He met my oncologist, some of the chemo nurses, followed the whole procedure. I had good company and now he is familiar with all the details around chemo.
  • Been going to the gym 2-3 times a week
  • Made some lovely dinners at home
  • Had my third Taxol last Thursday
  • Started to add green smoothies to my diet
  • Jarle and I went to dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, Lemongras. To our great pleasure Kamil was working. He is the kindest waiter and makes the best shots ever!!

So I am doing great,  all is well in my world ❤️



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