Since my first round of Taxol was such a walk in the park compared to the red devil, we decided to take a chance on a weekend getaway, just me and my husband.

Still we didn’t take the risk to go abroad or even far away from Oslo. We stayed at a very nice and quiet hotel nearby. 

They upgraded our hotel room. The staff was friendly. The food and wine excellent. The room really nice. We had a wonderful, romantic stay.

It is so important to go on small trips whenever I am well enough to do so. We fully enjoy the time we get to spend together. We love to dine and wine. 

On our way home we stopped and had an early dinner in one of the restaurants at the Opera. The sun was shining and all was well in our world.




coffee in bed
calling his mother – 14th Feb is the norwegian mother’s day
waiting for the train
Back in Oslo. The Opera
the Diva enjoying the view
this is the bill from the restaurant at the Opera


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