Taxol – first round

Yesterday I had my first round with Taxol. I was a bit anxious because this was a new type of chemo for me. Better the devil you know, right?
I took my new meds in the morning, 2 types of antihistmines and one steroid.   


Took my bloodtests, and while I was waiting for the chemo nurse I met Wenche, one of my boob-sisters, and also the nice lady I shared chemo room with last time. They both looked really well. Seems we are handling our treatments gracefully.

Had my talk with the chemo nurse and my bloodtest results came in. I was ready to go. First time with Taxol there must be two nurses in the room in case you go into anaphylactic shock. Also your blood pressure is monitored frequently. This chemo takes much longer then the EC90, but what a relief to be finished with the red devil.

Non of my boob sisters shared room with me, but I had the pleasure of the company of a handsome young man who was ever so nice. He is to be married next summer, and he and his beautiful fiancee will have their wedding in Dubrovnik at the hotel Argentine. Now, this the hotel where I and Jarle spent our honeymoon last year! Talking about this brought back so many memories of happy times. Happy times indeed. We do love to travel and I can’t wait for the treatments to be done so that we can fly off to see the world again.


I was told to drink lots of water while on chemo so I had my fair share of fluids when the Taxol started. Since this treatment takes quite a long time I had to go to the bathroom. This means I had to bring the IV rack with me. It was of course  linked to my right arm just on the inside of my elbow so I could not bend my arm at all. 

Not to myself: do not ever, never again put yourself into a situation where you have to pull up a hold in pantyhose with only your left arm….

The meds make you sleepy and the Taxol makes you even more tired. It was only my constant chatter that kept me awake. When I came home I finally did shut up and slept for hours.


It was a really perfectly nice day where I met old friends and made a new one. Everybody was in a good mood and making plans for the future. Nobody was complaining, just joking and having fun.  And the chemo nurses at Ullevål are the best, so sweet and helpful all of them ❤️

A reminder to all of us:

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