January 2016 – the good stuff

  • January 21 I had my last EC90, no more red devil
  • I finished several of my knitting/crochet projects (cheque out the matching nailpolish)
  • Started to work out again
  • Since my immune system is improving I can finally be around people again. Me and my husband have been out dining, visiting friends
  • Food and wine, coffee and chocolate tastes wonderful again  
  • Sleeping for 5 hours straight, sometimes more
  • Started to make small videos that I send to my friends far away (Kate, Raeann, Sheila)
  • Days are slowly getting longer
  • Started with the Miracle Mornings again (google Hal Elrod, pic of MM savers)
  • Started journaling 
  • Life is getting better by the day 
  • Calm – centered – clear – confident

January was great, I am going to make February even better ❤️👍





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