Fourth chemo 

Home again safe and sound. Had my last EC90 chemo a few hours ago. The worst part of cancer treatments is over. I made it. Not always gracefully and peacefully, but I made it.

I have a little nausea and feeling tired so I will sleep now, just wanted to give a quick update.

I met one of my “boob sisters” from a facebook group. It was really nice, she has such a wonderful personality and great sense of humor. And we do need a good laugh before chemo 👍😃

I got my chemo in a room with another breast cancer patient. We chatted and had a good time, really nice. Time just flew. My son picked me up and drove me home. I will start with weekly Taxol for 12 weeks – another type of chemo – in three weeks. 

It is a cold, but sunny and beautiful winters day in Oslo. 

All is well in my world ❤️


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