Back at the gym!

I have had an amazing weekend and felt really good. Monday I did an inapproproate amount of housework, feel no need to do that again…. So yesterday morning I wanted to use my newfound energy on something else. I went to the gym for the first time since September.

What a triumph! I took the 6:35 bus and thought I would be almost alone so early, but, of course, it is January and the gym still filled with people trying to keep their New Year’s resolutions.

I had no stamina and no strength, but I did my very best. I managed 15 min on the treadmill  = 1,29 km/0,8 miles


And then used 8 different exercise equipments. I could only use 3 kg/6,6 lbs hand weights, and even they felt really heavy, but I did it! I worked out for 40 min and I am so f… proud of my body ❤️👍 Last week I was so tired and had so little strength I had to sit while brushing my teeth……

I felt strong and healthy, an amazing mind over body acccomplishment. And this is only the beginning 💪👍



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