Third chemo on New Year’s Eve

Day two 6 am. Feeling “fine”. 

Since I had a great week I didn’t dread going for my chemo anymore. I put on full makeup, a dress and a scarf on my bold head and made a complete diva arrival at the hospital – this is how it is done!


I was alone in a room with a really nice nurse. We talked about life in general while I was getting my chemo. I was picked up by my exhusband and daughter. No nausea, no pain. I was even able to eat a small dinner with my husband. To bed at 7:30, that was alright. 

Woke up at 12ish when the fireworks started. Grateful to enter a new year. 

2016 will be my best year ever! Not only will I win the battle with cancer, but come fall, I will be in my best shape ever, healthy as a horse! Stronger, wiser, better.

I wish you all a wonderful, fantastic, healthy new year filled with love, fun and dreams come true ❤️

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