Christmas 2015

I have been so incredibly lucky to have one week without any pain, side effects or problems of any kind.

Last Monday was the last day with my diarrhea. I decided to show the cancer schmancer who’s the boss, so I put on diapers and took a taxi to the nearest mall and bought all the christmas presents. Hah!!

We had a lovely christmas dinner with both kids at home, good food, great presents. As normal as possible.

 The diva  
Good food and good company

Since I am having my third round of chemo on New Years Eve, we just celebrated it last Saturday. Where there is a will, there is a way!

Me and my husband, very romantic, suit, dress, great home made dinner, lovely wine, dancing to old Franc Zinatra tunes. No worries what so ever.

Yesterday Tom came over for dinner. He will be my babysitter on January 1st since my husband has to work. Now he is a “young” man and said he had not heard Moonlight serenade…. (monstrosity). So we put on Zinatra and gave him a taste of our NewYears Eve.


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