Looking back – second chemo day two

Since my sleepless nights started a few weeks back I am up at about 2 am. It’s ok, I make myself a nice cup of tea and listen to music. I just discovered ortoPilot on YouTube, his voice is really lovely and soothing, and gives me both peace and hope ❤️

 OrtoPilot with Three little birds on my Iphone 
Day two I was able to be up for hours and felt pretty good most of the time. Babysitter for the day was Lise, my first friend when we moved to Norway. She has been with me in thick and thin, sick and sin for 40 years now. She went groceryshopping and made a delicious lunch. Tom came by with christmas presents and a pair of fancy earrings to divert the attention from my bold head! Silje had one of her friends, Aurora, over as well. This was a good day 😊

 Folding napkins  
And the diva herself 


In the afternoon one of my husbands colleagues, Kristin, came to give me my Neulasta shot. I forgot to take a picture of her, but here are the beautiful roses she gave me! 


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