Worst moment so far

My intention was to post from second chemo day two and three, and I will do that later. But first I wanted to show the ugly face of cancer in all its horror.

At the end of day three I got worse by the hour. Nausea and fatigue was replaced by stomach flu. For a healthy person this is bad enough, but when on chemo it takes total controll of your body. By Monday evening we had to call the hospital again and this time I was so sick I was picked up by ambulance. 

The works again: Isolation, IV, bloodtests,  measuring blood pressure frequently. Nurses and doctors in and out of the room.

All this while you have diarrhea and have to bring the IV drip rack with you to the bathroom.

Worst moment so far: sitting on the toilet, again, I get really nauseous and cold sweating, and I know I will faint any second if I don’t lie down.  So I pull the “call for help” red cord and gracefully collapse while making sure the IV needle doesn’t come lose and that the drip rack stays standing. As my now bold head hits the floor with tears and sweat running down my face and shit running down my legs I whisper “Please, don’t send in a male nurse…..”

My prayers were heard, young female nurse pickes me up, washes my body and the floor. Puts me in diapers and I am now forbidden to go to the bathroom alone.

Thank you cancer, I learned a lesson about humiliation this day……

3 thoughts on “Worst moment so far

  1. Oh Gitte, darling. I am so sorry. I know it doesn’t seem this way now but I have had things like this happen in the past (worst gastroenteritis ever in a tiny, swanky boutique hotel on the Ile St. Louis in Paris) and one day you will tell this story with tears of LAUGHTER streaming down your face.

    I’m so proud of you for making it through and being brave enough to keep telling your story. You’re truly a warrior now, if you weren’t already! Keeping fighting hard – when this battle is done, cancer will know who is stronger.

    Love you!

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  2. Oh my poor, beautiful friend- my heart goes out to you. What you describe is my biggest fear. Thank you for the courage to share such a personal experience- when my time comes I hope I will be as brave as you. You are amazing and your strength to keep taking what the chemo throws at you and pick yourself back up with that lovely smile is an inspiration to me. Much love.x

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