Hell of a ride – second chemo – day one

The first chemo was like a slight morningsickness, a little nauseous and tired, but ok.

This second one is like the worst hangover ever x 100, or like really, really bad morningsickness and you have to sit inside a McDonalds dumpster for a day… (If you’ve never been pregnant or drank too much, I don’t know what’s wrong with you)!

My husband is on a since long planned trip across the country to visit his parents for the weekend. Since many of my boob sisters shared that round two with chemo might not be such a walk in the park, I had “preordered” help from family and friends. Best decision ever! I could not have made it on my own. Thank you ❤️

Getting the chemo was easy breezy, and there were even a Santa Lucia parade.

My niece Helena, picked me up; nice drive home, nice chat, nice cup of coffee, 

and then the shit hit the fan.

I could hardly speak, the nausea was overwhelming, could not walk to the toilet without help, what a f…ing nightmare. This lasted for about 6 hours. My niece cleaned my kitchen while she was watching me 😘👍

My daughter came home from school and my niece was replaced by a dear friend, Liv. She went shopping for sushi and groceries while my daughter watched me. They baked french gingerbred cookies together 👍😘

Although so sick, I was disciplined enough to eat my 5 small meals, the 2 last nicely prepared by Liv. Silje joined me for her evening snack ❤️

Since the cancer diagnose I have had to learn to ask for help, and when I can’t speak I have this little bell I ring. I’m getting used to babysitters watching me. First after the surgery, then when I got so sick I was hospitalized, and now. Learning to feel helpless, for now 😕😳

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