Hair, hair, hair

2 weeks after my first chemo I started losing hair. I already cut it quite short and I knew this would happen, but it was still a dramatic experience when I got my first fist of hair. 😳

This was on my daughters 13th birthday so I just kept on going. I don’t sleep much anymore so I was awake at 2 am, allowed myself a 10 min cry, and ordered an appointment with my hairdresser to get a “crew cut” the next day.

It turned out much better then I could ever imagine! I was most afraid of my husbands reaction, but he says he actually likes it. And no husband is lying to his wife!

So I had my new “hair style” for two days and getting used to it. Took my pictures at 4:30 am today. I honestly like it, I really do πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ



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