Home sweet home

The cold I got the first week in November has been ongoing and escalating since I started chemo, and even worse since I got my Neulasta shot last week. On Sunday my temperature fluctuated from below 36c/96,8f to over 38c/100.4f so we decided to call the hospital. Long story short I was hospitalized in isolation. Received antibiotics and antipyretic intravenously. Results from x-ray showed it was NOT pneumonia. Still don’t know what it is so I continue with antibiotics – now pills – but I am HOME!

My friend Tom came to visit 😘  

I am still coughing mucus and blood, must sleep sitting, diarrhea from the antibiotics, very, very tired, but even more grateful and happy to be home. 

Coffee tastes ok again, sort of 👍 I am not able to do any cleening before christmas so the lights will be turned down low and I do love candels 👍 All I can do is pretty much to knit and watch tv 👍

 A little behind, must burn candle…. 
So my husband and I, we just go with the flow and enjoy each others company. Started with the Hobbit and will go on to the the Lord of the rings (extended versions). And that, my friends, is not the worst of times!

I felt so good this morning that my husband went to work today. If I get the fever again it is straight back to hospital. So I make sure to stay warm, drink a lot of water, take my pills, knit quietly and be a good girl.

 The black and white are for my knees and/or elbows (jointpain from chemo)

All is well in my world ❤️

One thought on “Home sweet home

  1. Håper formen kommer seg. Hold et godt øye med feberen, 38 = straka vegen til sykehuset. Husker jeg fikk streng beskjed om å ikke sove på det, eller avvente på noen måte.

    God bedring ❤

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