Yesterday I started with my first of four rounds with chemo (EC90). Next will be in three weeks.

I had read so much about what horror this could be: pain, nausea, unbelievable headaches etc etc. Still I was not afraid, not even worried about any of this. I just wanted to get started with healing my body. Because even if the chemo will break me down, I believe it is what will keep me safe from recurrence. There will be plenty of time to build me up again!

So, off I went with the best possible attitude. The doctor and the nurses were so kind, and it was a Friday so all were in a good mood. Me too. Chatted with the nurse the whole time. She was ever so friendly and she will call me today allthoug it is her day off. Just because she cares. Dedicated to her profession. I felt so grateful.

It took about an hour and I felt fine. “Do you feel any tingeling in your nose?”, the nurse asked. “No, just in my stomach!”, I replied. So she gave me a sandwich and a lovely cup of tea. I felt so grateful.

I had to share my taxi home with another patient, a heavy smoker, who took a big inhale just before he got into the taxi. This made me a little nauseous, so I asked the driver to just let me out after a while. It was a frosty, but sunny day in Oslo, so I had a wonderful walk home. I felt so grateful.

I took all my pills, drank a lot of water, ate many small meals, took naps, watched tv with my husband, went to bed and slept really well the whole night. Not one problem! I feel so grateful.

What makes me feel all this gratitude is the love and support that all of you – family, new and old friends, supportgroups, my boob sisters, facebookfriends, colleagues, the hospital staff – are giving me through mail, talks, messenger, fb, phonecalls. You are all rooting for me. This gives me resilience and strength. Hope. Increased zest for life.

My cup runneth over – thank you ❤️


One thought on “Gratitude

  1. We ARE ALL rooting for you, sending you virtual hugs and lots of support. So grateful that you weren’t sick to your stomach after the chemo! Never eat your favorite meal the night before chemo. Make sure that you eat bland foods for a little bit the first week of chemo as your tummy will easily get upset. Be kind to yourself. Do what makes you feel good. I wrote about chemo here maybe this will help xo

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