Good news and a haircut

So I finally got my pathology report:

Invasive ductal carsinoma, grade 1, 16 mm, Ki67, 36%.

NO spreding to the lymph nodes.

Estrogen- and progesterone reseptor positive – over 50%

HER2 negative

I will meet the doctor on Wednesday for more bloodtests and details and dates, but the plan is ready: 

Chemo: EC90 every third week x 4, Taxol 12 weeks

Radiation for 3 weeks

Some pills, I did not get the name, for 5 years.

I will be finished with treatments in June and will be able to go on summer vacation, although bold and tired – best news! Something to really look forward to. 😃

I went straight from the hospital to my hairdresser. Short fancy cut. My boobsisters told me that it is the best thing to do. Cut the hair short so that I will be better prepared for the bold times ahead.

Next a Prosecco stop at the Enoteca Svanen, and than to dinner at Lemongras with my husband to celebrate the good news. We had a wonderful night.

Cancer schmancer – who’s your daddy now 😎 


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