Boosting my immune system

Getting ready for the treatments. Although there is still uncertainty to what meds and treatments I will have to take, it is safe to say that improving my immune system will help.

For both my physical and mental health I do this every day:

I start the morning with meditation, deep breathing, and a mental gratitude journaling

Then streatching

Oilpulling (google this!!) – Swishing coconut oil in my mouth to clean and detoxify. Must be done before brushing teeth.

Big glass of boiled water with lemon followed by a healthy breakfast and 1 glass of juicing – I’m in to the green ones.

My daily walk, only 30 minutes. Some days I do it twice.

Read or watch something that makes me laugh – a good old belly laugh

Eat as clean and healthy as possible

Read motivational stories online

Help someone who needs support and comfort

Please notice that all of the above will be good for you wether you have breast cancer, some other illness, or if you are healthy as a horse!


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