My supportsystem ❤️

Some may think I’m crazy to tell the whole world about my breast cancer battle. I did ask myself, “would anybody really care to hear about my little story?” 

The answer is a big YES. I am getting so much support from all over the world. 

From my husband who is there for me no matter what, from my kids, my brother, my extended family, my very close friends, friends, coworkers, facebook friends, other bloggers, and hundreds of people online. 

I have no words to say how much your kindness and support mean to me. I have been offered help, health tips, advice, loving thoughts – every one is cheering for me.

This supportsystem keeps me going, with head up high, every day. Makes me feel strong and unstoppable. And the best of all: it gives me the possibility to pay it forward, to make someone else feel good, to be an uplifter for somebody who needs it.

Love & gratitude 

 The picture was posted to me from a gentleman from Texas. I just loooove it 😀

One thought on “My supportsystem ❤️

  1. I don’t think you’re crazy. There are many of us who write blogs who have endured breast cancer. We are a great support group and we are here for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out when you need help. We’ve been there and we are still here as you will be too. Big healing hugs to you xoxo

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