Finally some good news!

They called me from the hospital to tell the BRCA1 and BRCA2 testresults were negative!!!! Huge relief.

If the tests would have come out positive it would mean surgery to remove both breasts and ovaries. Now I don’t have to worry about that. Since I don’t carry the genetic mutation, I cannot pass it on to my daughter (soon to be 13). Huge relief.

The call was really nice. She started with : “this is from Ullevål hospital, please don’t be alarmed, no reason to worry”. This put me at ease right away so I actually could listen to what she said.

All the nurses and doctors have been just amazing so far. Every question has been answered and they all taken really good care of me. There was some delays on the day of my surgery, but I was in my hospital outfit, in a warm bed chatting with the nurses. I asked not to be left alone so one of them was in the room with me all the time.

The norwegian health care system is not founded on insurance, but has universal access, financed by taxation and out-of-pocket payments. The hospitals are public. I have so far had several mammograms, many many bloodtests, genetic tests, surgery and 2 appointments with a schrink. The total cost for me this far is, hold you horses, 68 USD.

Another good news, smaller, but still good, is that one of the books I ordered has been dispatched.


A really good news is that my support group keeps growing. People wright the nicest things.

Thank you all out there for the good vibes you are sending ❤️

One thought on “Finally some good news!

  1. Sending you hugs…so glad you don’t have the genetic mutations ~ that is a huge relief. I don’t have them either and I was so grateful. Enjoy the support group! It’s so helpful to connect with others when you are enduring breast cancer.

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