For my foreign friends

I read other breast cancer women’s blogs and find great comfort and support in their stories. So I want to give something back and once in a while blog in english. Because most of you write in english.

I have, or should I say, HAD, breast cancer in my right boob. Had my surgery on Thursday and now the tumor is out of my body. First step on my journey to become completely healed. Massive relief.

Now I will use the days ahead to build up my immune system and make my body, my minds – conscious and sub conscious (more tricky), and my spirit as strong as possible. Getting ready for the chemo and radiation treatments – the pain, hair loss, nausea, weight gain, and all that is to follow.

This will take a lot of cake and full body red wine! Hmmmm….

Well I am trying several things to get myself fit for the fight. I go out for a walk every day, I decreased my sugar intake and increased my vegetable and fruit/berries intake, I meditate every morning, drink lots of water, watch TV shows on Netflix (modern family, arrested development – something funny), I go to sleep early and get up early, I spend time with people that make me feel good. AND yes, I do eat some cake and drink redwine 😀

Sense of humor is my best trait. I may lose my hair, but the cancer will never get my sarcasm.

So, my dear ladies, my fellow boobs, my ageless goddesses: let’s kick this cancer in the butt and go on with our lives!!

pic of a box that my daughter (12) made for me – It’s filled with affirmations and love


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